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Babelsberg is a research hotspot. Three prestigious institutions offer excellent research possibilities in numerous disciplines: media and IT as well as natural science, culture, and education. 

University of Potsdam
The research profile of the University of Potsdam is characterized by its five faculties. With the establishment of anarea of excellence and eight cross-faculty high-profile areas the university focuses on:

  • Cognitive sciences (an Area of Excellence)
  • Earth sciences
  • Functional ecology and research development
  • Plant genome research and systems biology
  • Functional soft materials development
  • Complex systems
  • Politics, administration and management
  • Cultural science
  • Empirical education science
  • Pearls of Research-Potsdam Research Network

The continuous increase in third-party funding is but one indication of the quality of research at the Univeristy of Potsdam. Furthermore, the university cooperates successfully and productively with more than 20 regional non-university research institutions.

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HPI Foyer

Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI)
For both education and research, the HPI has come to symbolize scientific excellence and practical relevance, and sets great value upon close cooperation with industry.

The research focus at HPI is highly complex IT systems which today provide the basis of numerous companies. Thus, research at HPI takes place in close cooperation with the private sector. The ten research teams at the HPI enjoy excellent working conditions, and have repeatedly proven capable of outstanding research achievements. As all research projects are integrated into current teaching, students benefit greatly from HPI's research. HPI has fostered numerous cooperative initiatives with other universities and scientific institutions, including Standford University in Palo Alto, USA.

The nine research groups (faculties) and the School of Design Thinking, each led by one professor, offer a wide range of topics:

  • Enterprise platform and integration concepts
  • Internet technologies and systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Computer-assisted systems
  • Operating systems and middleware
  • Business process technology
  • Software architectures
  • Information systems
  • System analysis and modeling
  • School of Design Thinking

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Erich Pommer Institute (EPI)
The EPI is an independent, interdisciplinary, practice- and cooperation-oriented research institute.

The EPI fosters active exchange between researchers in science, business, politics, and media practice. Furthermore, research findings themselves directly influence the training programme of the Institute.

The EPI's research foci are TV, mobile media, music, games and media convergences. Publications are released on a regular basis. The main research focuses are currently:

  • Media convergence
  • Media usage
  • Media location
  • Economic and legal aspects of film, TV, mobile media, and games
  • Economic and cultural value of the creativity industry
  • Programme research, programming, developing formats
  • Web 2.0 - Privacy and publicity
  • Protection of youth in the media

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